Long-standing relationships

Landover has established long-standing relationships with our clients and have earned their trust. We are on the approved lists of these firms and have direct access to the people who actually make the hiring decisions.

                                                                                We work as a team

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Landover does not hire salespeople who compete for a commission. Instead, our recruiters are ethical, career minded employees who work together as a team on every search.

No voicemail – people to people

When you call Landover you will not be subjected to voicemail, you will always speak to a person. We understand if you are calling it must be important.

Confidentiality: permission and control

We insure confidentiality by letting you control your search and make your own decisions where you want to be presented. Clients remain in control of proprietary information until they decide to consider a candidate. All candidate information remains confidential until you are informed about a position, decide that you wish to be presented and give your permission to reveal information about you, including your resume.

No unsolicited resumes

Clients who are looking to expand their teams know that when they work with Landover they will not receive inappropriate and unsolicited resumes. By following this guideline, our clients trust us, take our calls, read our emails, listen to our recommendations and as a result the candidates we represent get a fair review.

No “splits”, “resales”, “list buying”

Most agencies have a policy of “get them, however and whatever it takes”. This means that they buy lists of names from resellers, they sell candidate information to other agents and do whatever it takes to get their commission, regardless of the consequences or what is best for their candidate or their client. Landover has never engaged in any of these practices, and we never will.

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