Since our founding over 25 years ago, Landover has successfully placed thousands of technical and quantitative people in hundreds of the best companies. Our prestigious portfolio of clients include the most promising tech startups and Fortune 1000 companies.

 We search for the most talented programmers, software engineers, system architects, web developers, systems administrators, as well as quantitative developers and business system analysts. These professionals cover the entire range of experience, from recent university graduates to candidates who have attained the highest levels of technical management and accomplishment.

we stand on our heads for you. 200021984-001

As technology has increasingly become an even greater part of our daily lives, the importance of the personal touch and customer service is even more cherished. Landover’s continued success over the years has been based on a founding principle that a service business should focus on catering to each client’s needs and giving them the service and respect they deserve.

When we conduct a search we do not rely solely on matching resume keywords, we understand the importance of a personality match which includes making sure the candidates’ aspirations and goals match the long term needs and culture of our clients. At Landover, we prefer placements that endure, where our placed candidates get promoted and grow within the firm.  We know that as our candidates success grows so will Landover’s reputation. We pride ourselves on working confidentially for our client companies and the candidates we represent.

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