For over 25 years, our recruiters have been helping companies find the programmers and quantitative analysts they need.  We do not believe in using voice mail and consider customer service above all else. Landover employs a unique business model as compared to most other search firms. Our recruiters work as a team on every search and do not compete with each other for business. This is important, since the resources of the entire team, not just one recruiter, are working to find you the best candidate that fits your position criteria and company culture.

selective & personalized

Once you list a search with us we present candidates to you individually, accompanied with background information and the reasons they were chosen. We take the time to get to know each candidate personally so we can answer your questions about their individual skills, talents and experience.

online ads are not productive

Technology managers of today know that in this exponentially growing and competitive technology world, placing job ads online does not result in receiving timely, targeted, high caliber candidate matches.  One reason is a good percentage of the best candidates are not actively looking for a new position and don’t respond to online ads. However, they do respond to us.  When we call them, they listen, since we either have placed them or they are well aware of Landover’s services and are excited to hear from us.

25 years of relationship building

Our recruiters make use of our historical proprietary database made up of more then 25 years of candidate hiring data.  We draw from our extensive network of relationships to help us narrow down the right candidates for your role.  We understand your time is valuable and your business revenue is not tied to looking through hundreds of resumes. Based upon our knowledge of your needs, we do the work for you by screening out resumes from all sources that are not relevant to your search. Our ultimate goal is to get to know your business so well that we can anticipate your staffing needs and save everyone time. As many of our clients can attest, making the decision to hire Landover as your technology recruiting partner is an important step towards growing and strengthening your technical group.

privacy is a priority

In this era where information access has greatly improved our lives, it has also increased the potential for misuse. At Landover, we understand the sensitivity involved in many of the searches we are hired to fill. We do not publically share the names or private data of our clients or candidates in social media or on our website and go to great lengths to get assurances from both candidates and our clients before discussing a client’s opening or submitting a candidate’s personal information.

guaranteed service

We work on a contingency basis (we’re paid only if you hire a person) primarily placing candidates in permanent positions, while also offering the flexibility of consulting services for shorter term projects or try & buy.  We guarantee all of our permanent placements so there really is no reason not to try us out, since you have nothing to lose.

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