resume review

The resume is still the most important tool to establish initial interest in you–it is your life experience document. It should state your relevant experience and skills in the most effective manner to maximize its impact for its targeted reader. Your Landover recruiter will evaluate your resume and see how it stacks up based on your interests and goals. We might suggest changes to put your experience and skills in the best possible light but without overstating them.  After more than 25 years of filling thousands of positions we know what our clients look for on a resume to increase your chances to get an interview.

don’t list experience you do not have

Your resume can also be your downfall.  Many people list skills they don’t  have as bait to draw the attention of web crawlers with the hopes of securing an interview. You may get the interview, but you probably have wasted your time and theirs, when it is determined after interviewing you that you have overstated skills or experience that you do not have. The chance of getting another interview at this company even for a different position anytime in the future will be a problem.  Also, if you were referred in by a family member or friend and you cannot back up the experience you list on your resume, this will not reflect well on them since they referred you.

don’t be listless

On the other hand make sure you do list important experiences or brand name clients or companies you have worked for that would surely catch the eye of the reader.  If you attended college on a scholarship or paid 100%  of your tuition by working while in school or if your GPA is over a 3.3, make sure you mention it.

double check for accuracy

All the dates of when you graduated and your experiences should be double checked for accuracy. This is especially true if you are looking for a position in the banking, securities industry or a position in a government agency.  You don’t want to go through the entire interview process and receive an offer only to have it rescinded due to providing inaccurate data. I have seen it happen.

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