more than just a resume

At Landover we don’t just help you with your resume, get you an interview and then cross our fingers and hope you do well.  We have invested the time and energy to get you to “the show.” This is when you really need us to make sure our good work continues with you having a stellar interview performance.  We have a vested interest in you since we recommended you. You don’t want us to have egg on our face now do you?

inside information gives you the confidence you need 

To increase the chances of you doing well on the interview, we will make sure you are ready by giving you inside information and the confidence to perform well.

  • We will make sure you understand the job responsibilities
  • We will make sure you know where you are going
  • We will make sure you know who you are meeting and their particular backgrounds
  • We will prepare you for the type of questions that may come up.
  • We will make sure our client is excited to meet with you

Ruby O’Raily and Monte Python, our two very animated Landover folks, can answer most of your questions related to interviewing here: Download our Landover T.I.P.S. booklet

constructive feedback 

Ever leave a job interview and immediately begin to wonder how your responses and body language came across to the potential employer? Unlike your previous experiences, interviews facilitated by Landover Associates are followed up with constructive feedback provided by the company representatives you met with.  Regardless of your interview performance, receiving feedback from the interviewer’s perspective is invaluable information that can help you prepare and succeed in future rounds of the hiring process.

Your dedicated representatives at Landover can easily interpret the feedback of prospective employers and tailor everything from your resume to your interviewing style to ensure you succeed in subsequent interviews.

Ready to stop wondering and start wowing? Submit your resume to Landover today and start finding the career you’re looking for.

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