Long gone are the days when sending out a handful of resumes and waiting by the phone for responses was sufficient for a job search. In today’s competitive technology job marketplace, applying to listings online can be an exercise in futility. Pounding the pavement is back in vogue although it is more digitally involved, mostly relying on doing extensive online research and maximizing your exposure pursuing all of your personal networks.

personal networks

If you do not have personal relationship networks useful for employment, then you need to hire a recruiter who does. Your recruiter can market your skills and special talents through networks that they have established through years of relationship building and successful placements in your area of specialty.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 1.18.05 PMwe know the tech market

Landover is the recruiting firm you call on if you are searching for a tech or quantitative position. Since we have successfully placed thousands of people in hundreds of companies over the last 25 years we have established strong connections and get the inside track on who is hiring.


what our team does for you:

  • Landover’s recruiters will advise you on what the current job market looks like
  • We will be forthright with you about our evaluation of your skills and experience
  • We will let you know if you have the background for the position you seek
  • We will review your resume and suggest changes to help you market yourself
  • We will tell you about opportunities that are a good match for your background
  • Given your approval we will market you to those positions
  • We will advise you on how to prepare for each interview
  • We will handle follow-up and express your interest to our client
  • We will negotiate the best offer without losing you the position
  • You call to accept the position and thank us by naming your child after your recruiter
  • You refer us to your friend so they can have a good experience getting a job too
  • After your promotion you ask for our help to hire a person for your new group
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