Trust your recruiter

Recruiters get a bad rap. There’s a perception that recruiters don’t care about candidates, that their only focus is shoving someone into a position in order to cash that commission check.

Trust FallNow, while this, may be the case at some recruiting agencies, Landover works differently. We work as a salaried team partnering with you and for you to find the position that is best for you. While we are paid by our client companies, we wouldn’t promote candidates into a situation in which we knew they would not have an opportunity to excel.  First of all, we do not have the ability to tell the future…yet. Secondly, it would reflect negatively on us; we’d lose the trust of both candidate and client. We look for positive outcomes that endure. This is why most of the clients and candidates that work with us came through referrals.  This also is the reason why many of the candidates we place today become our clients tomorrow.

It’s important to remember that we work from the information that you, the candidate, give us.  You shouldn’t tell us that you want a large investment bank when what you really want is an established company with a startup feel.  If you want to work heavily in python, don’t say you don’t have a language preference. We need to know what you really desire in order for us to present you with the best interview options. Don’t just say what you think will land you the most interviews. Trust us to look out for your best interest, and know that we’ll set you up with a company where your natural enthusiasm will be evident and help you land the job you really want.

Trust your recruiter and be honest about what you’re looking for; that’s the only way to ensure our ability to help you build the career to which you aspire and more importantly, give you the opportunity to become our future client :).

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