A rewarding job search is like dating!

Over the last 5 years people are finding it more of a challenge to get interviews and find jobs that are meaningful to their career. People are responding to positions advertised and either receiving no response at all or they get invited to one interview and the process ends there. They feel companies are not seriously hiring.  This experience seems to be echoed by all levels of job seekers, from newly minted college graduates, people making a career transitions to those recently laid off.  They are frustrated and have come to the realization that if they don’t have an in somewhere like knowing Chelsea Clinton or Jamie Dimon they don’t have a way in to a company.

That being said, here is something I am sure you will find surprising. Many business owners and managers have expressed a similar frustration, but their frustration is actually the exact opposite. They have available jobs and are having difficulty finding people to fill their openings.  That’s right, they need people!  So what’s going on here? Companies say they need to hire and cannot find qualified people and those looking for a new job say that companies are either too selective or not really hiring.

Yes, there are jobs available, not as many as 6 years ago, and yes as a result they are more selective but still many positions remain unfilled.  As a matter of fact, I know this to be true first hand.  I have been looking to hire and feel the same frustration many company owners and managers have expressed-I cannot find qualified interested candidates that make me want to hire them.

In a selective job market you just can’t send out 100 resumes with the same cover letter addressed to “whom it may concern” and hope to get a positive response from a company. It is obvious your resume is not directed at a specific role at their firm.  As in dating, do you think someone would want to date you if you went down a line telling each person the same thing, “I really want to date you”. Not special, and in the end they will respond in kind, by not putting much effort in to turning you down.  The best match and most enduring positions being filled today have been through referrals which come as a result of people maintaining an active networking circle or by using a recruiter that you have established a relationship with who specializes in the specific industry you work in.

The amount of effort a job seeker puts in to a job search is directly proportional to the results they will get. You make an effort to show a company that you are a serious candidate for a role and they will seriously consider you. Simple as that.


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  1. Market yourself by making a real effort to present yourself the best you can. Same as you would if you wanted to go on a date with that special someone. Show you really care and who knows your future may change for the better!

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