How to Stand Out, Part 3: Attitude is Everything



Keep your hobbies, keep your sanity.

How do you make yourself stand out from the rest during these difficult economic times?

By Michael Reiss, Landover Managing Partner 

Wake up each day with a new sense of urgency and conviction to find a job that matches your goals. To give yourself the best chance to get a job offer, read today’s advice on attitude.

Attitude is Everything.

Looking for a job is a job. Especially if you are unemployed, you should be getting up in the morning as if you had a regular job to go to. You need to get out of the house away from distractions like family members, the TV and the refrigerator. Go to a library or some other “workspace” where others are working as well to give you some peer incentive to stay focused on your job search.

You should also be keeping up with activities that are not job search related to give your brain a chance to have some down time and stay positive and upbeat. This should surely include physical activity (and I do not mean walking to the ice cream store and back). You need to keep your endorphins active to keep your mood elevated to balance out the rejections that might be coming your way–I know reality bites, but better to be ready for it! If you are not currently involved in a regular physical activity, you might try running, swimming or biking.  Also, read some fiction to help your brain “go somewhere else.” 

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